May 072013

After spending a year going through more changes in my life, I am starting again with posting here, daily if possible.  For today, here is a butterfly’s eye view of some gorgeous red flowers in our garden, in the early afternoon sun.  Each pollen grain on the central petals reflects the sun, making the petals seem to sparkle.


Red flowers in the Sun, macro

Red Flowers in the Sun

Apr 072012

You will have noticed that there have been no new posts here for a long time….  To those of you who are still around and notice this – thank you for still looking at the site.


In February 2011 my father had an emergency hip operation, from which he never really recovered.  He died on 13 March 2011.  Whilst I still took pictures for all of the last year, it wasn’t as consistently every day as before, and my focus was on dealing with other things, so posting them here stopped completely.  I now intend to start posting again, and will post pictures for each day that was missed, initially to catch up to the equivalent point in 2011 as we now are in 2012, then I will post both the 2011 and the 2012 post for each day as the year goes by.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Sunset, gold clouds, tree silhouette, scenery, Kim Lambert

Sunset over the Brindabellas